Wallace Structural Engineering

Wallace O’Connell & Associates Consulting Engineers, LLC is a mid-sized, multi-disciplined firm specializing in residential, commercial and municipal work with both civil and structural engineers on staff.  Our experience in a wide variety of processes, techniques and materials combined with our understanding of local, state and federal regulatory requirements enables us to develop cost-efficient designs tailored to meet your project goals in a timely manner.  The quality that sets us apart from most firms is that our principals and engineers all have strong construction and municipal backgrounds which results in common sense, economical solutions to problems.

Wallace O’Connell & Associates civil engineering design team works with each client to develop conceptual and detailed residential, commercial, and municipal designs.  Projects may include site grading, stormwater retention and pumping station design, potable water wells, potable water treatment, storage and distribution systems, wastewater collection and treatment systems, reuse water handling, distribution and irrigation, and residuals management systems.  During the design, our team will also coordinate closely with regulatory authorities to establish a well-defined roadmap to help lead the project team through complex regulatory processes.

Wallace O’Connell & Associates structural design team employs state of the art engineering computer software capable of performing three-dimensional and finite element analysis, when necessary.  We also use engineering computer software to aid in the design of concrete slabs, individual concrete, steel and wood beams, foundations, retaining walls, connections and all other elements of concrete steel and wood frames.

On day one, Wallace O’Connell & Associates will assign an experienced, registered39 professional engineer who will be involved in every phase of the design and construction of your project.  With experience in a wide variety of materials, design techniques and civil/structural systems, we will select the most efficient design and adapt it to meet your project’s specific requirements.  Our practical, deadline-oriented professionals will work diligently to meet submission deadlines, which in turn helps minimize delays associated with permitting and construction.

At Wallace O’Connell & Associates Consulting Engineers, LLC, we strive to provide each client with personalized service in both the civil and structural engineering fields.  Our clients’ satisfaction is always our highest priority.